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Many people know restaurants as just places to eat, drink, and rest. But, did you know there is so much more to that in secrets? Well, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about restaurants.


  1. Roughly 20% of meals go to waste in restaurants

Perhaps you are a culprit of this. You will be surprised to know that 20% of meals in eateries go to waste. Maybe, you are not aware of this, but, you will be amazed at the little food people leave on their plates total up to 20% in waste. Therefore, the next time you are placing an order, be mindful of your appetite. Just ask for what you can finish. If there’s any left-over, you may ask for packaging to eat at a later time.


  1. Mother’s day is the restaurant’s busiest day

I am sure this caught you by surprise. Apparently, food joints experience the highest number of traffic on Mother’s day celebrations. This is higher than even Christmas and New Year days.


  1. The restaurant is a French word

The word simply means “food that restores.” Now you know. This is the first fact you should know about food joints.


  1. Almost 50% of grown-ups have worked in this fast food industry

Employment doesn’t come easy. The good thing about these food joints is the availability of job opportunities with minimum requirements. That is why almost half of adults have been employed here at one point in their lifetime.


  1. 85% of managers started at entry-level

It is never easy to rise to the top. Still, it is possible. That is why the most significant majority of managers in this industry started off as either interns, volunteers, or at entry-level.


  1. Restaurants have more female staff than their male counterparts

Probably you’ve taken note of this if you are keen. There is a higher chance you’ll be served by a lady when you go to eat in a food joint. This is because the bigger percentage of staff in dining places is women.


  1. Food joints use Facebook the most when it comes to digital marketing, followed by Instagram

Everyone is going online to fish clients. The food joints are not being left behind. That is why this fact is not a surprise. But maybe you had not thought about it. Now you have it in your consciousness.


  1. There are about a million food locations in the US

Since 2009, the number of eateries has been rapidly increasing. The rise is due to the increase in demand for fast food. Life has become so busy that cooking has become a problem. Therefore, many Americans prefer to buy fast food, eat, and continue with their work. This has influenced the springing up of many food joints.


  1. Another sad fact about fast food joints is the food you will be served is probably not fresh

An Email List of Restaurants make food in bulk. But, there can only be a limit to appetite and demand. That is why some of the food cooked is left uneaten. Since these spots are after profits, the food is preserved and served the following day. Unfortunately, clients are the ones on the receiving end.

You end up eating yesterday’s food. This sad fact is unimpressive, but the truth. Therefore, the next time you are eating and feel some funny taste, just know this is what happens.


  1. Restaurants play with your psychology by decorating their buildings to make you crave in

You look at most of the food joints and realize they kind of look alike. From the interior design to the outside architecture and understand resemblance, which makes you wonder if it is a coincidence.

Well, these food joints have mastered the art of psychology. They know what it takes to make you have a craving. With the beautiful outward appearance and nice interior décor, they are sure you will be convinced to get in and place an order.



Eateries in the US increase day by day. The industry is flooded, yet it seems all these providers are making profits. A Restaurant Email List  that close shop is very minimal, with the industry employing a significant number of Britain’s population. But, behind this are simple little facts you probably didn’t know, but after going through the list above now, you know. It is not a surprise you didn’t know most of them because most of the facts aforementioned are secrets only a few know about. The reason is; these places of dining have mastered the art of conspiracy. Stay in the know!